Long draw: spinning a woolen yarn

6 hour – intermediate

A 6 hour advanced beginner level class that teaches students how to spin woolen yarns using long draw. Students must have a basic understanding of how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel. During the work time, students get the opportunity to learn how and make batts on a drum carder, rolags on hand carders and a blending board.

  • Discuss  the properties of woolen yarns
  • Spinning wheel set up
  • Cover and spin different long draw techniques
    • Point of contact 
    • Double draft
    • Unassisted
    • Spinning from the fold
  • Spin with five fiber preparations
    • Roving
    • Batts
    • Combed top
    • Hand carded rolags
    • Blending board rolags
  • Discussion and demonstration of plying and finishing the yarn

*This class could easily be a 2 day workshop, if time allows, for students to have more time practicing the spinning techniques and to ply their samples.